Winner Trust

Winner Trust is a Christian  Registered charitable  Trust which was started on 3rd day of February 2015.


The Trust aims and objectives are:

To be an effective witness to the Lord in the church and the society by providing Socio, Cultural, Economic, Educational, Literature, Spiritual and Philanthropic activities and other activities, Programs and projects for the benefit of all sections of society in general and for Christians in particular. 


To uplift the socially and economically backward, exploited, physically challenged, mentally retarded, destitute children, women and senior citizens irrespective of caste and religion.


The founding and Life Trustees are:

1  Mr. K.E. Winfred Joshua          President

2  Mrs. Vanaja Edward                Vice President

3  Mr. P. Chanderashekar            Secretary

4  Mrs. Anupama Caroline          Treasurer

5  Pastor Joel Surendera            Trustee

6  Mrs. Florence Sheeba             Trustee

7  Mrs. Shashanka Vadana           Trustee