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As the caption reads Winner Kids are always winners. In this playschool we give our kids the treat which they like to enjoy every day. Kids walk into the premises and would never like to leave – any guesses why? Our infrastructure makes all the difference.

Winner Kids
Romans 8:37 says, "In all these things we are triumphantly victorious due to the one who loved us."

God declares that we are winners.
We were created to rule, govern, control, master, manage, and lead our environments.
Every child that is born into this world is born with the leadership spirit, but not every child has the spirit of leadership.
Don’t get confused, let me explain…
In every child there is a hidden leader and a winner but not every child eventually will become a leader. A child is conditioned by the environment that he grows in. The most important influence in a child’s life is the school and the teacher. If the child is not given enough opportunities and encouragement to be the leader in the learning phase of life, then he will always believe he has no leadership qualities and will remain a follower all his life.
As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.
We, at Winners Kids School understand this concept very well and make every effort to create the right environment and atmosphere for your child to discover the hidden spirit of leadership and guide him towards his glorious destiny.

winner indoor
  • Welcoming music mat where YOU make the music
  • Swim into the pool of colourful balls
  • Educating and entertaining videos to watch
  • A library with a humongous collections of books
  • Every wall displays knowledge – you ask it and get it
  • Sensorial wall to recognise the different surfaces on display
  • Puppet show stage is the best to wait upon
  • Storytelling where your child can weave a tale
  • Huge collection of soft toys where each narrate a story
  • Crab sand pit with organic sand – eco friendly, free from all health hazards, awesome for the tiny hands
    You are tired and want a nap – sshhhh! Baby’s sleeping
winner outdoor
  • Play pen in the outdoor – only when you are tired it’s enough!
  • Summer days are to get into the swimming pool
  • Sand pit in a week is fun to make castles
  • Garden is there to give a try on plants
  • winner outdoor

All play and no work! Every child is a genius in himself/herself only a trained person can identify the gem in them. Here we have trained teachers who are a decade experienced in the field of imparting education among the kindergarten. Postgraduates not only education but also in child psychology is what is the need of the hour, so here we are to kindle the scholastic abilities (the 3 R’s – reading, writing, arithmetic). Our teachers are special learning disability trained teachers who can even train a special child. All are born wise and intelligent and the kids entering this school will be a 'WINNER' coz 'we believe every kid is a winner'

Here kids are encouraged to wonder, think, feel and imagine.