III rd Assessment 17/03/2018

III assessment will on 16th March 2019

Children's Day

Children's Day Celebrations on 16th October 2015

1st Assement Day 17/03

Our Kids will be assessed today 11/09/2015 Congratulation to all the parents    

Summer Camp Program (ABACUS)

SIP Abacus: success assured; For 7 to 12 year old children  

Benefits of SIP Abacus:

ü  Improves  math skills

ü  Improves concentration

ü  Enhances visual memory

Children's Summer Camp 2015

A summer camp that will inspire and stimulate young minds through innovative and advanced courses and activities like Art , Craft, Dance Mania, Fun clay and Origami and more. In fact, the camp promise is that your child's potential will surprise you.